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"The Only Therapy Method I Use With All Of My Couples..."
From The Desk Of Jourdan Virginia Blue
Nashville, TN. 

Dear Friend, 

If you'd like to work with couples or become a better couples therapist...

This 12 weeks curriculum will literally transform your practice and the work you do with your couples. 

All the Sessions are:
Direct, Challenging, Fast Paced, Easy to Teach, Easy to Apply, AND EACH session produces tangible results - 

Truly a Homerun EVERY Appointment!

Who Is Jourdan?

Jourdan is a full-time couples' therapist in the heart of downtown Nashville, TN. 

She leads couples workshops annually, offers all day couples intensive sessions on the weekends, is the creator of a relationship focused podcast, and is the expert in her area for couples work in her private practice!

All of the materials in this Couples Therapy Model make it easy to be the expert in the room and to help couples begin shifting their entire relationship in just the first session.
Jourdan believes in a direct and challenging therapy approach and the ethical obligation to help couples achieve quick results. 

"What Is The Method?"

Secret Love Hacks is an all inclusive couples approach that the therapist can easily use with every new couple to ensure a huge breakthrough! 

Secret Love Hacks combines the research and theories that couples therapists learn in weekend trainings and in graduate school.

"Why Are You Doing This?"

The divorce rate is too high.

I want to change that stat, but I can't it on my own. 

So that's where you come in.

I want to teach you exactly how I do my sessions so that you can save marriages with this method... and so that you can feel confident in doing it.

"How Do I Sign Up?"

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